Vocal Lessons

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Vocal Lessons


Find and match with the perfect singing teacher for you. Like any instrument, the voice can be trained. Our vocal coaches support your learning and help you find your voice through fundamentals. From beginners to the next Whitney Houston’s, we will be with you every step of the way pointing you in the right direction.

Going over music theory and the basics, our experts will guide you in pitch training, tone development, breath control, and timbre.

Progression can be done at your speed, but when you’re ready for more advanced lessons, our vocal trainers are ready to help you interpret sheet music, transpose to different keys, and envelop a deeper understanding of root principles across instruments.

Watch: This is Your Child’s First Vocal Lesson. – https://youtu.be/0ZmN7InnlLc 

Vocal Techniques Students Will Learn

Breath control

How to match pitch

How to achieve your best singing tone

Chest and Head/Falsetto


Vocal warmups

Genre specific techniques

How to interpret different musical styles

How to sing with a microphone

How to perform and express yourself with confidence


Ed and his team at The Music Studio have been amazing with my special needs daughter. She was desperate to sing, but we had spent years trying to find the right venue for her. Ed and Shelby, her teacher, have done wonders with her. She looks forward to the next recital and talks of nothing else, practices every day. It has transformed her life. At all times Ed and his staff are consistent, committed and take each and every student very seriously; recitals were organized and hosted professionally. I would recommend The Music Studio to anyone who loves music and wants to learn in a serious yet supportive, inclusive environment.

– Helen