Trevor Flemings

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Trevor Flemings is a current Master’s student at the University of Toronto, studying collaborative piano performance under Steven Philcox. Originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Trevor grew up in rural Saskatchewan, where they discovered a love for community and developing connections through the arts. Prior to their study at the University of Toronto, Trevor received a Bachelors of Music in Solo Piano Performance, graduating in 2022 with Great Distinction under the direction of Dr. Katherine Dowling.

During their time in Regina, under the influence and guidance of Dr. Dowling, as well as applied voice professor Dr. Helen Pridmore, Trevor developed a particular interest for vocal-piano collaborative repertoire, choral music, keyboard pedagogy, new music and improvisation, as well as experimental sound/performance art.

Trevor’s lifelong commitment to music and the arts began through exposure to music therapy at a young age. Stemming from this experience, a journey of discovery and healing through music has brought Trevor across Canada to Toronto in order to expand their understanding and artistic palette. Through both performance and pedagogy, Trevor has developed into an eager and inquisitive interdisciplinary artist, seeking to share their love for music and community.

In the learning environment, Trevor places a simultaneous focus on creative thinking and discovery learning, while also developing a strong foundational knowledge of technical ability, music history and theory, as well as an overall understanding of the vast and varied repertoire for keyboard. Specializing in Western Classical solo/collaborative keyboard repertoire, Trevor strives to integrate a focused and disciplined pedagogical practice within their own holistic methods of learning and teaching a varied breadth of music. In this way, Trevor endeavours to impart both strong foundational skills and knowledge to students, as well as a positive lifelong
relationship with the arts through whichever musical journey students wish to take.