Music Instruction
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Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet Lessons

As a beginning woodwind student you will first learn how to make a sound on your instrument. If you are playing the saxophone or clarinet, you will learn how to blow into your mouthpiece using the correct mouth position so that the reed vibrates. If you are playing the flute, you will learn how to correctly blow over your mouthpiece to produce sound. Proper breathing techniques and posture are stressed in your lessons so that you are able to produce a clear, consistent sound. Tuning, fingering technique and music reading skills are also important aspects of your lessons.

More advanced students may focus on further developing their technique and on interpreting woodwind repertoire representing a variety of styles. Students who are enrolled in their school music program are encouraged to bring their school music to their lessons at The Music Studio.

Method books include:

  • Beginner's Book for the Flute
  • Rubank Selected Duets for Saxophone
  • Rubank Selected Duets for Clarinet
  • Rubank Selected Duets for the Flute

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