Top 10 Music Blogs You Should Be Following (Other Than Ours!)

Jul 26, 2017

As today’s culture becomes more and more obsessed with its screens, print music publications are becoming more and more rare. But in their place, countless music related blogs have popped up to make sure that new artists are still getting the exposure they need, and young musicians still get the tips and tricks that help them through their learning. Of course, the biggest difference is that the old magazines were funded by businesses, with all kinds of employees and accountants, and executives. Blogs, on the other hand, are often written, edited, and shared by fans. Which means, for a great many of them, the only reward they get for their efforts is the knowledge that they are spreading the word about music that needs more attention. And these hard working music lovers deserve more attention too! So this week, we’re going to offer up a list of the top 10 music blogs you should be following (other than this one, of course)!


Hypebot posts new content every single day. Most of their information is for indie musicians and record labels, but they also include blogs about the music business, new, and technology. They usually go pretty deep into their stories, and are well worth your time. On top of the great information and stories they post on a daily basis, the site’s community is also extremely active. So if you can’t find the right tip or tick your looking for in the body of the story, scroll down into the comments section. You might just find something interesting.

Ditto Music

Although they post new content a little less frequently than hypebot, the people at Ditto Music are just as passionate. Their blog is often filled with a wide range of useful tips and advice for musicians of all skill levels. This advice ranges from musical techniques, to creating a career in the music industry, to marketing, promotion, technology, music opportunities, and a ton more.


A colossus in the world of music blogs, Pitchfork is one of the most popular independent music blogs around. The site updates every day with a huge variety of content. You can find album reviews, features, videos, and even events. Sometimes a little bit more of a news site than a blog, Pitchfork is the go-to place for the latest independent musical happenings throughout the year and around the world.


While not exactly what you might think of as a “traditional” blog, Reddit’s We Are The Music Makers page is chock-full of user-generated and submitted content and advice. There’s literally something for musicians of every instrument, genre, style, and ability. You can spend hours browsing the thread. Check out the most popular posts, delve into the more obscure content, or even pose your own question to the community. You’re bound to receive a ton of helpful responses from musicians ranging from novice to maestro.

A Music Blog Yea!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few Canadian music blogs on this list! The first of which is Toronto-based A Music Blog Yea! Founded by Alicia Atout, this little blog has become one of the most popular music sites around. She constantly posts video interviews with musical legends, and up-and-comers. She even has a gang of global correspondents to give the site a worldly feel.

Ledger Note

An amazing recourse for all kinds of musicians, Ledger Note has a ton of expertly detailed articles that are sure to suck you in. This site offers a range of topics too, from recording, mixing, and mastering tips and techniques, all the way to music theory, beat production, and equipment reviews. Ledger Note is a great site that helps artists of all skill levels improve both their performance and production abilities.

Canadian Beats

There’s no question that Canadian Beats is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Canadian music on the internet. And as an unapologetic fan of all things Canadian music, this site covers absolutely everything from country to hip-hop. Canadian Beats is growing at an impressive pace, with more and more exclusive content being added all the time. As they continue to expand, the future of this blog look bright, but only if they can keep up the pace.

Jaded & Elated

For those who love to look back on the halcyon days of ’90s Canadian rock, there’s Jaded & Elated. Based out of Winnipeg, this still somewhat new blog focuses it’s attention on those rockers from our past. These fans do a pretty good job of celebrating the music of the past that they love, while also managing to keep tabs on what the major musician of the time are up to today. Definitely something to look up if you’re a fan of that period and genre.

Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

Founded by music teacher Aileen Miracle, this blog was originally intended to share ideas about music education. Despite Mrs. Miracle’s obviously busy schedule (she teaches music to students from kindergarten to high school, and private classes) she manages to update her blog an average of twice a week. And as a music educator, her writing focuses on skills like musicianship, passion, the ability to relate to and reach children, and breaking instruction down into small steps. She also has a series of videos on her YouTube channel.

Beyond the Notes

Written by accomplished chamber musician and performer, Erica Sipes, Beyond the Notes focuses on learning and teaching music, with a special focus on how to motive students and improving practice sessions. A great blog for both music teachers and students, Erica uses anecdotes and videos of her own practice time (often live streamed on Facebook) to give helpful tips for ensemble or group performances, as well as interesting health related tips and thoughtful posts about music, teaching, and running a small business. Erica believes that the most important quality a music teacher should have is a constant desire to continue learning, and it comes across in her writing!

Well, there you have it. 10 music blogs for you to get all your news, advice, tricks, and events. Of course, this is but a small sampling of the countless music blogs available on the world wide web. Did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!