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The Music Studio’s teachers, lessons and various programs are fantastic! They keep all of our children – 3 kids ranging from elementary to high school – engaged in Music education. They all enjoy and look forward to their lessons. The Music Studio’s approach to teaching music comes first from enjoyment and then if you child wants to become serious that is supported as well. Whatever your child’s goals are they are well supported at the Music Studio.

– Rosemary – Parent

This is an excellent music school, which we have been attending for several years. The quality of instructors is very high and for children, it is an ideal school to start learning music. In addition to the classes, there are many opportunities to perform at either formal recitals, or more casual “coffee shop” style venues to ease youngsters into the stage experience.

– Anu – Parent

In anticipation of my retirement, I decided to take piano lessons. I was untrained and at the beginning, it was humbling and painful. The instructors at the Music Studio mentored me through this awkward start and three years plus later I am enjoying the learning process of piano. I enjoy practising and have a repertoire of music. Learning music is like learning another language.

– Anne Eastwood

Thanks Ed! Just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am that we discovered your amazing Music Studio those many years ago. It has been great positive experience on all fronts: the teachers, the different offering of lessons and atmosphere of your school. Bogdana has encouraged my girls to succeed in the RCM exams and you have helped my son learn an appreciation for music. We thank you for all those amazing performance opportunities you work so hard at organizing in the community because of the experience it gives the children in performing in public and the confidence it builds. Keep up the great work!

– Sera Pisani

My two boisterous boys have been taking piano lessons at The Music Studio for over a year now. They each quickly went from playing scales with one finger to playing somewhat complicated pieces with both hands. Aside from being pleased with the development of their skills, I am grateful that their piano teachers have instilled in my sons a positive attitude about piano. They both look forward to their lessons and approach piano not as work but as a creative outlet. At home, they have started making their own music and sing along to their compositions. I would recommend The Music Studio to anyone.

– Jenny

I want my sons to love music and have fun making it. I enrolled them in Kidzrock so that they could learn how to play in an ensemble, be exposed to different instruments, and have a fun time making music with other kids. It worked! They are learning a lot and they love being in a “rock band”!

– Robert

You (Ed) made everybody as comfortable as they could be before going on stage (at the recital) and showed appreciation and encouragement. Wonderful service to the community.

– David – Adult student

“The Music Studio’s 2014 Summer Camps provided my daughter with enjoyable and invaluable opportunities to gain both experience and confidence in her quest to prepare for auditions to gain admittance to one of Etobicoke’s two ‘Arts’ high schools. We will follow-up with weekly Music Studio lessons in the Fall/Winter 2014/15 to help her reach her goal of entry to the ‘Arts’ Secondary School of her choice.”

“During the week my daughter participated in the Summer 2014 Music Theatre Camp she was wholly absorbed by the excitement of preparing for the Broadway Musicals. She thought of nothing else from the time she awoke until falling asleep at night. Teacher ‘Stacie’ created a dynamic environment for all the participants and my daughter is already counting the days until the Summer 2015 Music Theatre Camp!!!”

“For the one week my daughter attended The Music Studio’s ‘Rock Band’ Summer Camp 2014 she was exposed to various musical genres and experienced the immense benefit of working collaboratively with other music students. Teacher ‘Nick’ focused on each student’s musical strengths, whether it be vocal or instrumental, to create an end-of-camp CD recording memento each participant can cherish forever.”

– Peter Noonan M.Ed. (Master of Education)

“My children were enrolled in The Music Studio’s Music Theatre and Creative Arts summer camps. We were so impressed with the quality of the teaching and dynamic programming for each camp. More importantly, the kids had so much fun learning about themselves and each other in a warm, wonderful setting of sound and music.”

– M. D’Souza

‘This was our daughters first experience at a camp and she LOVED it. She was so excited when we dropped her off every morning and upset when we came to pick her up! It was such a great and positive experience for her. It’s always nice when learning opportunities can be provided though music, art and just plain fun!’

– Kristina

“My daughter has been attending the Music Studio for the past 2 years and always looks forward to her piano lessons. I was worried that she would lose interest but her fantastic teacher has continued to keep this musical spark alive. The learning environment at the studio is very friendly and accommodating and there are an abundance of performance opportunities where my little pianist can improve her skills. I appreciate that Ed is always adding new ensembles and classes to meet the needs of this musical community.”

– Julie – Mother of a piano student at The Music Studio

“Our experience at The Music Studio has been fantastic! My daughter began piano lessons in January 2013 and we haven’t looked back. She loves coming to class, and feels a true sense of accomplishment when she completes a piece. I have found the instruction to be very personalized and positive. The many opportunities to perform and the superb end of year concert help to reinforce the joy of playing! I highly recommend The Music Studio as a place to learn.”

– Carolyn

“Our experience at the Music Studio has been amazing. Our son, Adrian takes singing and piano lessons in the Connecting Through Music Program. His teacher Shelby, is absolutely awesome!!! She has an incredible rapport with Adrian and he so looks forward to going to his lessons. She’s patient, kind and has a calming influence. I’m also very impressed with the way Ed (the owner) runs the school. He provides many performance opportunities in various venues for the students. The programs at the year- end recitals and other shows are well-rounded with representation from many musical genres. The school offers lessons in many different instruments which is also impressive. We have tried a few different music schools and this one by far is the best!!”

– Anna K

“My daughter has been a participant with The Music Studio’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp for the past two summers. She loves every moment of it. The music teacher, Ms. Stacie Carmona, is a wonderful woman who is exceptionally well organized,empathetic, full of energy and, knows how to motivate her students to excel beyond their own expectations. I am always amazed with how well she is able to put together a musical performance at the end of one week. The show is always a delight to watch and of excellent calibre. The children learn so much about themselves, their voices, and how to work as a team to produce a high quality performance. It is a camp that I would highly recommend.”

– Julie Fortin – Mother of Calista Jonah

“This summer my daughter participated in the Musical Theatre Camp and had an amazing experience. After just one morning, she was already asking if she could sign up again for next year’s camp! In just five short days these girls put on an incredible production of Sound of Music and Cats. Their instructor, Stacie, made sure that everyone had a shining moment and that everyone was well prepared. Bravo!”

– Brenda – Mother of Musical Theatre Summer Camp student

“For five years, I had been one of the parents in the waiting room of The Music Studio. Two years ago, I decided that it was time to stop sitting and start playing. I initially began with hand-drumming with Arnold Faber, my music guru. Now I am into the drum kit and am a member of an in-house “band” that Arnold asembled. We have a lot of fun. What a great way to spend a Monday night!”

– Annmarie – Adult drum and ensemble student at The Music Studio

“My children have been attending music lessons at The Music Studio for the past ten years. The professional instruction is top-notch! The owner, Ed Lettner, has maintained a quality of service that is difficult to find at any other studio. He is always introducing new and exciting opportunities that keep our children musically motivated and enthused! I highly recommend The Music Studio!”

– Anna – Mother of piano, guitar and ensemble students at The Music Studio

“The Music Studio teaches music efficiently. We like the way the students perform at local venues such as Humbertown Plaza, Second Cup and the Assembly Hall. Ed Lettner runs an efficient, personable teaching studio.”

– Marg & Bob – Grandparents of piano, flute and saxophone students at The Music Studio

“My daughter loves coming to her classes at The Music Studio and has learned so much from her vocal instructor Angie!”

– Lorie – Mother of a vocal student at The Music Studio

“We have been so pleased with how our twin boys have progressed thus far with their piano lessons at The Music Studio. The boys don’t fuss about practicing and look forward to their lessons every week. We also had the pleasure of watching one of our boys perform during the holiday season and it was clear that Ed Lettner has created a wonderful atmosphere for all his students and that he truly loves what he does. In fact, our boys’ dad signed up and now takes guitar lessons so thank you Ed for continuing to embrace the importance of creating music in such a nurturing environment.”

– Anindita & Christopher – Parents of piano students at The Music Studio

“Our daughter has been part of the Music Studio Family for over a year and we highly recommend their programs for any student who is in pursuit of a musical or artistic career. As a result of the extensive training that was provided in Guitar and Musical Theatre, our daughter was a serious contender at her auditions for regional high school. As a parent, I was highly impressed with the level of professionalism each of the instructors had and the exposure of various performances coordinated throughout the year that are scheduled to give students the opportunity to showcase their talents. The Music Studio serves as a gateway to identify their student’s artistic ability allowing them to reach their highest potential. I would never imagine our daughter was able to accomplish what she has done in a year! Thank you.”

– Sharon – Mother of vocal, guitar and ensemble student at The Music Studio

“My daughter who is now 10 years old has been a student at the Music Studio for several years. The teachers are great! In addition to being well skilled in their areas of expertise, I am very impressed with the enthusiasm that they all bring to each lesson. I credit recitals and community performance opportunities as a driving force behind my daughter’s ability to perform with confidence at school assemblies and during class presentations. The Music Studio is a great place for anyone who wants to mentored by people who are passionate about music.”

– Felica – Mother of a piano, vocal and ensemble student at The Music Studio

“My daughter has been attending The Music Studio since she was about 13 years old. She has taken lessons for saxophone, voice, piano and flute which she has advanced very well in. The teachers at the studio are extremely polite, helpful and care about my daughter’s music education. My daughter thoroughly enjoys each and every lesson and I see nothing but excellent progress in all of her music studies, including her instrumental music grade at school. My daughter is now almost eighteen years old and she is preparing for a University of Toronto audition for flute. Her teachers at the studio are helping her prepare for the audition and my daughter feels very confident about her progress.”

– Susan – Mother of a saxophone, voice, piano and flute student at The Music Studio

“I recently decided to take piano lessons to become re-acquainted with the instrument after not touching it for many years. I studied classical piano as a child, and now as an adult, it was very important to me to rediscover the instrument on my own terms – I was interested in studying pop music primarily, and was looking for an instructor who could build on the musical foundation that I already had, and leverage it to expose me to new styles of playing. Right from our first meeting, Ed (the owner of The Music Studio and my instructor) really listened to and understood my personal interests, has been very supportive and encouraging (which has been important to someone who was somewhat self conscious about being “rusty” at playing!), and great at bringing me step-by-step along the path to learning new ways of interpreting the music I enjoy. He is also wonderful at providing performance opportunities to help “showcase” his student’s music… Oh, and he makes lessons a lot of fun! I’m really enjoying my experience at The Music Studio and would highly recommend it.”

– Melissa – Adult piano student

“Six solid years of music study for three sons covering a mixed bag of interests: piano, drums, guitar, tenor saxophone, music theory, and participation in the exciting Rock Band Ensembles, and we’re still going strong! Consequently, The Music Studio has become a vibrant part of our family and turned me into an ardent Music Mom.

Six amazing years which flew by as the boys were busy growing up, learning and valuing music. The Music Studio in Etobicoke (Toronto) genuinely puts the student first in a friendly and caring learning environment. The school effectively teaches by example, with abundant encouragement, and promotes personal excellence in its students. The annual student recital, in June, showcases its shining students in a wonderfully impressive venue.

Six rewarding years during which each of the boys have been studying respectively with the same music teacher while building friendship, trust and understanding. Our sincere thanks to Ed Lettner and his professional staff of dedicated music teachers who make each year more inspiring, and, above all, for keeping their students grounded in the love of music!”

– Roxanne – Parent

“I have been taking lessons at The Music Studio for the past 6 years now. Over these years I have obtained quite a repertoire of instruments and ensembles ranging from guitar, to piano, to music theory, and many more amazing classes such as the Rock Band that The Music Studio has to offer. Playing the guitar is my greatest interest and passion in music. I have learned so much from my inspiring guitar teacher, Dave Mattar, that no song is too great a challenge. Music has altered my outlook on life either by my schoolwork or more importantly, how I listen and appreciate other people’s music. I understand now that music is a story, and when played allows a person to express their story and feelings to the world. This is what drives me further in my goal of seeking the true meaning of music. All in all, The Music Studio has changed my life and it can change yours too.”

– Taras – 17 year old current student at The Music Studio.

“My son has been taking drum lessons from The Music Studio for the past 3 years. His drumming has excelled to a level beyond my expectation. Two years ago a band ensemble was created. What a wonderful experience for the students to combine their efforts and hear the wonderful results. The teachers are punctual, professional and positive and a wonderful influence on the students. I would highly recommend The Music Studio.”

– Cathy – Parent

“At The Music Studio, Ed provides an atmosphere that is relaxed, stimulating and fun. I am pleased that my five-year old daughter looks forward to each lesson!”

– Ruth – Parent

“The structured and mature learning environment is what I was looking for and I found it at the Music Studio. The teaching staff really know how to encourage you to achieve your goals and have fun at the same time regardless of your knowledge level. I especially like the ensemble programs and dedication the staff have to involve students in different learning activities.”

– George – Adult Student

“I have been studying the drums the last 6 years with Ed at the Music Studio and every lesson from the beginning has been a new and exciting learning experience. Learning the drums has opened me up to the musical world and the knowledge you obtain can lead you to so many fun and different opportunities such as joining a rock band which has created incredible and long lasting memories. To be able to play music is a wonderful talent to have and that is why it will always play a major and important role in my life.”

– Matthew – 17 year old current student at The Music Studio

“I knew that keeping my son interested in music lessons as he became a teenager would be a challenge. His classes at The Music Studio are a great balance of what he needs to do to learn and what he wants to do to enjoy it.”

– Laurie – Parent

“…just thought I’d let you how one of your former students is doing. Many of the big ideas (“Play in the pocket” “Less is more”) you emphasized have stuck with me and I pass on the same advice to my students. You are a great teacher and nurturing educator and thanks to you, I am also enjoying a career in teaching music.”

– Oliver Cutz – Former student of Ed Lettner