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The Music Studio’s songwriting program encourages aspiring songwriters ages seven years and up to explore their creativity in a private lesson format. Students have the opportunity to develop their songwriting skills, record professional demos of their songs and learn more about the local songwriting community

Whether you dream of writing your first song or want help with your latest tune, professional songwriters Shelby Lynn and Nick Scott will help you write a song of your own.

Shelby began a love for songwriting while studying music at Humber College. For over a decade, she has been performing her original songs at local venues in and around Toronto. She has released two albums under the name Shelby Lamb receiving critical acclaim and airplay on CBC, campus and community radio nationwide. She continues to write songs and perform locally. She has taken an interest in helping others to express their creativity through lyric writing and song structure, matching lyrics with music, methods to build on ideas, and techniques for creating imaginative metaphors and similes.

Listen to a sampling of Shelby’s songs.

Nick Scott has studied music and the guitar for twenty years. Composition and songwriting have been a focal point from the beginning. He has written and co-written music for many bands and singers. His debut album ‘Vestiges’ features ten original instrumental compositions. As a teacher, he has assisted both private students and ensembles in creating their own original music. The Music Studio’s summer Rock Band Camps have been a great platform for writing, drafting, and recording students’ songs.

Create your own song!


Students are encouraged to write, record and perform their own original songs. Students will also learn to analyze songs within an acoustic environment to gain knowledge in the field of musical production.


In this course you will create your own song by learning the following skills:

Understand basic song structures, hooks, repetition etc.

Create memorable verses, pre-choruses, chorus and bridges.

Find an effective song form for the style of song you wish to write.

Work with harmonic and melodic structures to support the emotional intent of lyric.

Record Your Song

You will learn the following recording skills:

Basic recording and producing technique.

How to play/record live instruments for added effect.

Basic microphone technique.

Perform Your Song

Students have many opportunities to perform their songs at the following venues through The Music Studio.

Second Cup

Creative Village

Montgomery’s Inn

Various musical venues in the GTA

The Music Studio Recital

Student performing at a songwriting showcase.

Listen to songs written and recorded by students of The Music Studio’s songwriting program.

Listen to the song, I’ll Be a Millionaire, that was written and recorded by students at a songwriting workshop presented at The Music Studio.