Seniors Connecting Through Music

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There are many research studies that demonstrate a direct connection between music and health.

The Music Studio’s Seniors Connecting Through Music Program is a great way for older individuals to experience the mental and physical benefits offered by music.

Our programs apply research-based approaches that are shared with a personal touch by The Music Studio’s specialized Seniors Connecting Through Music teachers Shelby Lynn, Ed Lettner and Reknee Harrett.

Private Music Sessions

Whether you have taken music lessons before or are a beginner, music is a wonderful way to lift your spirits and enhance your life. Our seniors music program may include performances of, and sing-a-longs to, your favourite classics, and instruction in singing and/or piano if one wishes to do so. The program is designed and facilitated by the teacher who brings their personal musical background and training to each session to meet the specific needs of the individual. The Music Studio’s goal is to provide a positive, relaxing and rewarding experience at each lesson. These sessions are facilitated by Shelby Lynn and Reknee Harrett.

Music stimulates the brain in many positive ways. Playing and listening to familiar music can be a viable and useful form of therapy that offers many benefits including:

Recall and maintain memory.

Manage the stresses of communication.

Promote physical activity and encourage participation.

Relax and reduce anxiety.

Maintain and develop articulation, rhythm of speech and breath control.

Find pleasure and be present.

Achieve fulfillment and empowerment.

This program is also offered by The Music Studio as music therapy sessions facilitated by Reknee Harrett. Please see below for information about Reknee and music therapy.

Group Drumming Sessions

Drumming is an accessible and fun activity for seniors that offers many physical and mental benefits. Playing hand drums, bucket drums and shakers, participants quickly learn basic drumming patterns which are taught in a simple call-and-response format. Everyone is soon playing rhythmic patterns and enjoying making music as a group with each person participating in a manner that is comfortable for them. These sessions are facilitated by Ed Lettner.

Your musical journey begins by contacting The Music Studio to discuss your requirements. Previous musical training is not required for any of our Seniors Connecting Through Music Programs.


“My mum was just thrilled with your visit. She says it’s the best thing that’s happened to her in ages and she’d love to see you every day!” – Stephanie Kirkland

View the documentary, Henry Alive Inside, to experience the power of music in a care setting.


For more information about arranging The Music Studio’s Seniors Connecting Through Music sessions, please call The Music Studio at 416.234.92 or email We look forward to discussing your needs or the needs of someone for whom you are a caregiver.

Seniors Connecting Through Music Program Facilitators

Shelby Lynn is a graduate of Humber College’s music program. Majoring in vocal studies, she received further training in piano and guitar. With over 15 years experience, Shelby is a creative songwriter, teacher and performer. She co-founded Connecting Through Music and Seniors Connecting Through Music programs at The Music Studio in Etobicoke. These programs use music as a medium to help manage learning and communication problems and promote and maintain health for those who are in the later stages of life. She continues to research the fundamentals of music care and has recently received a Music Care Certificate through the Room 217 Foundation.

Ed Lettner is an Honours graduate of the music program at Humber College with a major in percussion. He also has advanced piano training in classical and jazz music. Ed’s performance and recording experience includes appearances with jazz, rock and concert bands; orchestras and musical theatre groups; and performances at events such as the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Winter Fair. Ed established The Music Studio in 1990 as a centre for teaching excellence where beginning to advanced students of all ages may reach their full potential in a variety of musical styles. He has conducted clinics in the school system and has extensive experience working with seniors at retirement residences and community centres. Ed believes that music can be a rewarding part of anyone’s life.

Reknee Harrett is a music teacher, board-certified music therapist (MT-BC), accredited music therapist (MTA), and Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT) who completed their education at the University of Toronto Master’s of Music: Applied Music and Health Sciences (M.Mus.) under the direction of Dr. Corene Thaut. Reknee has extensive experience as a music therapist and music teacher for neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, global developmental delay) children, youth, and adults, people with traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and genetic disorders, global developmental delay, intersecting diagnosis, mental health, elderly care, and mental health support. Reknee is committed to providing effective, holistic, and affirming music therapy sessions that value and celebrate each individual for who they are.