Saxophone Lessons

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A pivotal instrument in musical history, the Saxophone has been utilized in rock music to  the popular dance music of today. Big names such as Pink Floyd, Kendrick Lamar, and John Coltrane have been able to bend the flexible sound of the saxophone to fit their style. With lessons from The Music Studio, so can you!

Helping beginners to enthusiasts, our  woodwind teachers have extensive  backgrounds in theory and performance to  aid in the development of your saxophone playing. Progressing your skills beyond the basics, you will be able to interpret and    freestyle solos like the greats of yesterday and today.

The Music Studio has created a mixture of practical skills, such as sight reading and     scales exercises, as well as performance  abilities to keep learning exciting and    enjoyable for all students.


Proper sound production, including building a good embouchure, breath control, and posture.

Tone control over the full range of the instrument.

Various accurate tonguing/articulation types.

Building accurate and agile finger technique over the full range of the instrument.

Even and accurate playing facility in all keys.

Good sight reading skills.

Advanced musical interpretation in all styles.

Improvisational skills and learning to play by ear.


My sons both take lessons at The Music Studio and we are very much impressed at the level of expertise and professionalism of the musicians who teach them. They are both preparing for music exams at a comfortable pace, while continuing to learn fun, contemporary and popular pieces along the way. Communication with their teachers is always open and consistent. The Music Studio has fostered their love for music and has provided them with unique musical experiences that we haven’t found elsewhere, like the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences in different venues and settings.

– Virna