5 Reasons Private Music Lessons Add to School Music Programs

Aug 24, 2022

Even of your child is learning to play a music instrument in a school music program, band, or orchestra, private lessons still offer a plethora of benefits. It’s true a school class or band can give your child great opportunities to play alongside other music students, but it simply can’t compare to the one-on-one attention a teacher can give them in a private setting. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons private music lessons can help your child succeed in their school music programs.

Learning at Their Own Pace

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable aspects of private lessons is that they can be personalized for your child. If they need help getting their embouchure right, or need to work on scales, their lesson can focus on that. Compare this to a group setting, like in a school class or band, where the teacher has between twenty and thirty kids to instruct. There simply isn’t enough time to give each child the one-on-one time they may need.

But the focused attention your child will get during private lessons is easily one of the best reasons to start (or continue) private lessons, even if they’re already in a school program. What’s more, your child’s school music teacher will notice, and thank you!

Reduce Frustration

Frustration can be a major problem for children in school music programs. This can be especially true when a child moves from the beginner to intermediate levels. At this point, the nature of school programs might actually be holding them back. This is a great time to consider enrolling them in private lessons. A private instructor can help their musical experience grow by introducing them to new concepts, techniques, artists, genres, and more to explore. All of this can help keep them interested, invested, and less frustrated with the slower pace a school program may have to move at.


One of the problems with school music programs is that they can often lack consistency. Budgets change, teachers move on, bandmates graduate and move on, while new ones enter the program. Private lessons, on the other hand, can provide the necessary consistency your child needs to grow and excel.

Perhaps the biggest benefit from this level of consistency is that your child will be more likely to actually continue to play their instrument. They can form a relationship with their teacher, and may actually look forward to their weekly lessons. What’s more, for children who want to pursue music in the long-term, their private music instructor can be with them for that long-term, and help them work towards those goals. On the other hand, not only does their school music program teacher need to help a whole class full of children with goals, they can only teach them for a few years.


One of the key fundamentals of a musical education is music theory. Unfortunately, school music program teachers are often far too focused on making sure their students are ready to perform to spend much time on things like theory. However, private lessons offer quite the opposite. In fact, a private lesson teacher has the opportunity to spend a lot of time focusing on the fundamentals, including music theory, during, or even before, your child ever picks up their instrument in class. Just like every other subject your child may study in class, a firm grasp of the fundamentals is critical for success. Once this solid foundation is laid, your child can keep learning, playing, and progressing.


Inevitably, as your child progresses, they will develop their own musical tastes, and will likely want to explore making more of the music they are interested in. School music programs are usually expected to stick to standard pieces of classical music, which makes private lessons an ideal place for your child to explore their own interests.

Do they love jazz? Maybe rock and roll? Or perhaps something a bit more experimental? With private lessons, all they need to do is tell their teacher what they want to explore, and their teacher can help guide them through whatever their heart desires.

Private Music Lessons at The Music Studio

Of course, we’re not trying to say that your child should stay away from their school’s music program. Quite the opposite in fact! There are all sorts of benefits that can be reaped from playing and performing with a group. Rather, the point we’re trying to make is that private music lessons can add so much to your child’s musical education that their school program simply isn’t equipped to – private lessons can help fill in the gaps and elevate their interest and education.

The professional instructors at the music studio are completely committed to providing the very best musical education possible. With a wide range of programs, and lesson plans customized to fit all ages and skill levels, not to mention a safe learning environment, we’re ready to help your child reach their full potential!