Piano Lessons

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The cornerstone of music and theory, the piano is one of the most versatile instruments to learn. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, our students are challenged to meet their specific level of playing, helping to progress technique and performance.

Whether you want to learn Jazz, Pop, Classical, or Rock, our piano experts help nurture the skills most important to your interests. Starting with the fundamentals, students will be exposed to theory education, proper finger positioning, how to read music, and other transitional skills.

As our students progress, we identify areas of strength and weaknesses to elevate their performance abilities and their understanding of their instrument.

Watch: This is Your Child’s First Piano Lesson. – https://youtu.be/07PYBNywAT4


Proper hand position

Finger placement







How to play different musical styles

How to play from lead sheets

How to play a solo


Ed and his team at The Music Studio have been amazing with my special needs daughter. She was desperate to sing, but we had spent years trying to find the right venue for her. Ed and Shelby, her teacher, have done wonders with her. She looks forward to the next recital and talks of nothing else, practices every day. It has transformed her life. At all times Ed and his staff are consistent, committed and take each and every student very seriously; recitals were organized and hosted professionally. I would recommend The Music Studio to anyone who loves music and wants to learn in a serious yet supportive, inclusive environment.

– Helen