Musical Theatre Class – Ages 8-15 Years

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Who: Students 8 to 15 years of age. No previous singing or musical theatre training required.
When: Saturday 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm.
Start Date March 25 – 1st class is a free, trial class!
Cost: $38 per class payable monthly based on weekly classes.

To register call 416.234.9268 or email  

The Music Studio is proud to present our new Musical Theatre Class for 8-15 year olds which will challenge students’ acting, singing and dramatic interpretation skills.

In our Musical Theatre Class taught by Kristen Stetzer, students will learn how to interpret and present a song’s text authentically, using facial expressions and vocal colour to create a compelling character that will serve the dramatic needs of the music.

Students will also learn performance skills that will help alleviate stage fright and performance anxiety, with the goal of singing with confidence, purpose and poise while also making new friends. Students do not require any previous singing or musical theatre experience to participate – this class is open to students of all skill levels! The students will work towards the goal of a performance in June.

Students will perform scenes from Annie Jr. featuring such popular songs as “It’s A Hard Knock Life” “Maybe,” “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile,” and “Easy Street.” In addition to musical preparation, there will also be a focus on spoken word, where our students will focus on text preparation and delivery with the goal of creating characters that combine the student’s own unique personalities with those of the characters from the musical. 

To register call 416.234.9268 or email

We look forward to welcoming your child to The Music Studio’s Musical Theatre Class!