Musical New Year’s Resolutions for Musicians, Students, & Music Lovers

Dec 21, 2022

Happy holidays to all you readers out there! We all hope the seasons on has been good to you, and the coming year will only get better! We’ve got a lot in store for you in 2023, so let’s get started, and what better way to prepare for 2023 than with musical new year’s resolutions you’ll actually want to keep!

New Years resolutions are an interesting tradition. Most people go for the obvious: health, wealth, career, and family. And most people do their best all through January. But, as anyone who frequents the gym can tell you, most people have given up on their resolutions by mid-March.

Why not try something you might be more inclined to follow through with: resolutions that involve music!

There are three kinds of musical people in this world: those that play, those learning to play, and those who just love to listen. This week we’ve got some resolution suggestions for all three groups! Let’s begin with the biggest group, which happens to contain both the smaller ones: Music Lovers.

Musical New Year’s Resolutions for Music Lovers

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

While this is good advice for all three groups, and may appear on this list once again, here we’re specifically referring to the music you listen to. Find new songs and artists. Explore genres you never thought you’d enjoy. A new year offers the perfect opportunity to expand your music library. After all, you’ll never know what you might like until you hear it. And hey, it’s always fun to have bragging rights when you find a new artist just before they explode!

Use Music to Motivate Yourself

As we all know, music can hold great power over our emotions. Use that to your advantage and get yourself pumped up! It doesn’t really matter what you’re trying to get motivated for, music can help, as long as you choose your playlist carefully. A little “Eye of the Tiger” before an interview, some “Happy” to help get over a breakup, or even a touch of Brams to get you through a rough study session. Of course, the best use of this resolution is pairing it with the most popular resolution: getting into shape. The right playlist is perfect for keeping you motivated to keep pushing!

Musical New Year’s Resolutions for Music Students

Practice Better

We’re not necessarily talking about more practice, but rather, making the most of the time you do spend practicing. Even children live busy lives these days, so finding more time to practice may be impossible. Luckily, this is one of those areas where quality is much more important than quantity. Pay attention to the sounds you’re producing, not just your fingers. Focus on pressure, the attack and decay of each note, and the dynamics of each phrase.

Improve Your Technique

To many music students, “technique” can be a four letter word. It usually means lots of boring exercises and even more boring scales. But it is of critical importance.

This year, make an effort to not shut your brain off during the exercises. Instead, try to focus your attention on what your fingers are doing, your embouchure, your breathing. The exercises and scales may be boring, but they build necessary muscle memory. If you’re serious about your music, you’ll thank yourself for this work later.

Branch Out

Just like expanding the library you listen to, it’s also good to expand your playing repertoire. Achieving this goal is pretty easy if you’ve already decided to do so as a listener. Listening to unfamiliar genres or recordings of instruments you’ve never heard before can help to improve your ability as a performer. New styles and an over-all broader experience in music can give you a much wider base for inspiration and motivation.

Perform More

Stage fright is one of the most common phobias in our society; even some of the most popular artists suffer from it. While it may be a difficult thing to overcome, the best way to do so is to perform. Ask your teacher to sign you up for a local competition. Volunteer to perform with your class if you can. Or if these seem even too much, invite a few friends over for a small show. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become.

Musical New Year’s Resolutions for Established Musicians

Set a Per-Week Practice Goal

Even the best need to practice to keep their talent sharp. If you have goals to forward your musical career in 2023, practice is going to need to be a big part of that by default. How much time you’re able to dedicate each week to practice sessions is, of course, up to you. But it is important to set a goal and try to reach it each and every week. If you miss a week, make it up the next week. This year is about making it happen!

Give Away Your Old Gear.

Most people have at least some old gear they have since upgraded or otherwise stopped using. If you’ve got any old gear that is still functional, find someone that is beginning their interest in music. As you know by now, music can be an expensive activity, and many parents don’t have the resources to invest in a new instrument for their kids. If there isn’t anyone close to you in need of gear, or you need a little extra cash yourself, you can always sell some gear on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

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