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For 0-5 Years

Music4Families for children 0-5 years of age and their families is a unique collaborative approach to music education rooted in neuroscience and developmental psychology. Run by educators and accredited music therapists, students will create music while also developing cognitive, sensory, motor, speech and language, and psychosocial skills.

Why Music4Families

Not only is learning music fun, but it can help young children learn in all aspects of their life!

Music Helps Build the Brain

There is extensive research that shows that music learning from a young age creates positive changes in the way our brain’s work. For example, Habaibi et al., (2017) found that two years of group music lessons led to a lot of positive changes in a child’s brain. There was increased neuroplasticity (the way brain changing, growing, and making new connections and helps learn new abilities and strengthen existing ones), as well as more cortical thickness in the temporal lobes (the language part of our brain) and more connections in the corpus callosum (the bridge between the left and right side of our brain) and pathways connecting the frontal (the cognitive part of our brain), sensory, and motor areas

Music Helps us Learn

Because music literally changes the brain, music can be used to help learn. Music is shown to help cognitive (attention, executive function, and memory), speech and language, motor, sensory, and psychosocial development.

Music is Everywhere

In addition to all the good things music can do for our development, music is an integral part of our lives. Whether getting into a car and cranking our favourite feel good songs, or a soundtrack to a movie that gets stuck in our head (I’m looking at you Bruno from Encanto and Elsa from Frozen), or a lullaby to say goodnight, music is everywhere and inseparable from our lives.

Music is Fun

Music brings joy and can have a positive and immediate benefit for us. Upbeat music can make us excited and bring us energy while calm music can help us relax and de-stress. Learning music can bring a sense of accomplishment, develop positive self-esteem and leadership, which makes us feel good about ourselves.


What Does a Lesson Look Like?



This private lesson program is designed for children 0-5 years old and their families. In this program, students and their family (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and family friends) are active participants in the music learning process. These lessons follow a play-based approach that encourages the student to take the lead as well as building positive relationships and a unique bonding opportunity for the student and important people in their lives. Students and their families will learn instruments including drums, slide whistle, kazoo, xylophone, vibraslap, shakers, and more as well as singing, dancing, and movement and learn foundational musical concepts.



Offered Wednesday through Sunday
Cost: 30 minutes – $40.00,
45 minutes – $60.00
60 minutes – $80.00, payable monthly


What happens after Music4Families?

As students get older, they will be ready to join our other music programs including our Kidzrock classes, or private lessons, and children 6 years and older can join our children’s choir.


Music4Families Teacher

Reknee Harrett
M.Mus., MTA, MT-BC
Neurologic Music Therapist
The Music Studio