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Jr. Rockerz

Band for Ages 7-11 Years

A Great Rock’n’Roll Band Experience!

Jr. Rockerz provides a musical teaching experience like no other! This incredible program teaches kids 7-11 years of age how to write and play songs in a real-life rock band!

Jr. Rockerz gets kids up and playing music as a band on day 1. The Jr. Rockerz songbook is filled with fun and easy-to-play rock songs, specifically written for the program. This unique songbook allows beginners and those with a bit more experience to play in the same band. Jr. Rockerz bands also learn to play hit songs!

Band members also get the opportunity to write their own lyrics, giving them a sense of accomplishment and ownership of the music they play.

No experience is necessary, no home practice is required, and the ownership of an instrument is optional. Call The Music Studio at 416.234.9268 or register below to sign up.

Program Info

Times: Saturday 11:30 am

Start Date: Register any time.

Length: Weekly 60 minute classes.

Cost: $37 per class payable monthly.

Teacher: Nick Scott.


What Your Child Will Learn In Jr. Rockerz

  • To play guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums.
  • To read music.
  • Beginner and intermediate level musicianship.
  • Song structure.
  • Songwriting.
  • Dynamics.
  • Performing as an ensemble.
  • Working towards a common goal while having a rockin’ good time!

Each song in the program contains sheet music for both the complete beginner and more experienced musicians. As students build their skill set they can upgrade to a more advanced part within any given song. A complete beginner will often play a simple musical pattern that is augmented by other musicians playing more complex harmonies.

Special Offer: Receive TWO FREE Jr. Rockerz classes when you register for Jr. Rockerz and private lessons at The Music Studio. (New and current students are eligible.)










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