Jackson Welchner

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Jackson Welchner is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and arranger/producer based out of Toronto. Singer of jazz, contemporary, folk, and improvised styles, Jackson always strives to “serve the music”.

Over the years he has performed with a wide variety of ensembles. He has crooned with the Toronto All-Star Big Band, toured Canada with the Socialist Night School, and screamed with punk-electronic band Other Families. As a bassist, he’s supported Victoria Alex, Holly Clausius, and Kyle Windjack (BC). Jackson brings dedication and energy to every musical situation he finds himself in, regardless of genre.

As a composer and arranger, Jackson works with choirs, chamber brass ensembles, string quartets and a couple of his own larger ensembles featuring brass, woodwinds, strings, and occasionally extra percussion. In 2018, he joined the Spectrum Music team as a composer and an Artistic Producer, writing for many musicians, including Andrew Downing, Bruce Cassidy, Larnell Lewis, and Sarah Thawer, among many others. In 2021 he also started mixing and producing for Spectrum’s digitally streamed concerts.

Jackson’s most recent release, “Blink Twice” (2023), is his first full-length solo album, featuring an all-star cast of musicians, such as Sarah Thawer, Thom Gill, Michael Davidson, Anh Phung, Patrick Smith, and the Venuti String Quartet. Though the music is grounded firmly with the colours of modern-jazz harmony, Jackson borrows from samba, classical, hard-rock, math-rock, and punk styles, making for an eclectic contribution to Toronto’s eclectic musical landscape.

As a teacher, Jackson aims to address each unique student with individualized lesson plans, focusing on goal setting and healthy musical habits. He is specialized in vocal jazz and improvising, having achieved his bachelor degree in jazz performance from UofT in 2018. He also has lots of experience teaching not only voice, but piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and theory, since 2017. “The joy of music lies at the centre of all his lessons and it makes every lesson a discovery and, also, fun.”