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Guitar Maintenance Workshop

Dates: July and/or August. Dates to be confirmed.
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.
Cost: $60.

Please let us know when you're available for the Guitar Maintenance Workshop. The Music Studio will try to accommodate your availability when scheduling the Workshop.

Guitar Maintenance


Students will learn how to properly maintain and care for their guitar. If time permits, a discussion of the effect of different wood types, body styles, finish, and aging on a guitar's sound; how to choose a guitar.

Topics Include:

  • String replacement.
  • Tuning and intonation.
  • Setting up the action (string height) by adjusting the truss rod, bridge and nut.
  • Cleaning and care.
  • Pick-up height adjustment (electric guitars).
  • The effects of different types of wood used to make guitars.
  • The effect of aging on a guitar.