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Do I need an instrument for my first lesson or class?

The Music Studio provides pianos, drum sets and hand drums for your use during lessons and classes. Students who play other instruments need to bring their own instrument to their first lesson. Amplifiers are provided for guitar and bass students’ lessons.

Do I need an instrument to practice on at home?

All students require an instrument to practice on at home. If you need to rent or purchase an instrument, your teacher will be happy to advise you regarding an appropriate instrument for you and refer you to an appropriate musical instrument retailer. For many piano students, a keyboard with touch sensitivity is a good alternative to an acoustic piano.

How can I help my child practice if I have no musical training or ability?

You can have a positive affect on your child’s progress by being encouraging and by sitting with your child during practice sessions. You may even learn to play a few songs yourself.

How can I make practicing easier?

The following are a few helpful hints to make practice time easier and more enjoyable:

Practice at the same time each day. Practicing may also be divided into two daily sessions. For example, 20 minutes of practice may be divided into two 10 minute sessions.

Focus on the number of repetitions required for a certain exercise rather than the duration. For example, play a piece four times each day rather than play the piece for 10 minutes.

Each student receives a free lesson notebook from The Music Studio in which their teacher records what is to be practiced for their next lesson. This gives students and/or parents a convenient practice reference.

How much practice is expected each week?

For beginning students, 20-30 minutes of practice is recommended while for intermediate to advanced students, 30-60 minutes of practice is recommended, at least five days a week.

What teaching methods are used at The Music Studio?

Teachers at The Music Studio use proven teaching methods from a variety of music publishers. These materials are based on years of experience and represent a variety of musical styles. For your convenience, all method books required for your lessons are sold at The Music Studio.

How old should a child be to begin lessons?

The following is a reference for the ages at which children may begin different types of music instruction: Piano & Violin: four to six years. Vocal: six years. Guitar: seven years. Drums, Woodwind and Brass: eight years, Cello: ten years. Actual ages may vary for individual children.

Are the teachers at The Music Studio qualified?

The teachers at The Music Studio received their training in the music programs of well-respected universities and colleges. We have performance experience to bring to our teaching as well dedication to the art of teaching itself. Our high teacher retention rate contributes to the quality and consistency of the programs at The Music Studio. Together, the teachers at The Music Studio have over 150 years of teaching experience.

How long does it take to learn an instrument or learn to sing?

The answer to this question varies according to how much practice time each student has, the level of ability that each student wishes to attain and the fact that most students learn at their own pace. Most beginning students learn the basics after approximately six months of instruction.

Do you teach students who just want to take music lessons for fun?

We certainly do. Most of our students take lessons simply because they enjoy making music.

Am I too old to begin music lessons?

You are never too old to learn to play an instrument or sing. Many of our adult students have never taken music lessons before or at least not since they were children. All you need is a desire to learn and a willingness to give it a try.

Do you offer in-home lessons?

No. We feel most students respond better in a professionally equipped teaching facility. This also creates a sense of community and the opportunity to be inspired by other students. Parents and students who know each other often meet in The Music Studio’s comfortable waiting area.

Do I have to commit to a full year of lessons or classes?

No. Most students pay for their private lessons by session (fall, winter, spring & summer) with post-dated monthly cheques. You may also pay by cash or cheque, in-person, at your first lesson of each month. If for any reason you choose to discontinue your lessons at The Music Studio, we require one week’s notice to cancel your lessons. Any remaining lesson payment and/or post-dated cheques will be returned to you. Classes are paid for on a per session basis only and may be discontinued by a student with one week’s notice.

Do I forfeit my lesson or class if I am not able to attend one week?

Each student is allowed two private lesson cancellations with 24-hours notice per session. Those lessons will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Lessons cancelled beyond the two per session maximum, or those cancelled with less than 24-hours notice will be charged and no make-up lesson given. Make-up classes are only given if a class has been cancelled by your teacher.

Does The Music Studio have a registration fee?

No. We believe that the money you spend at The Music Studio should directly benefit you or your child’s music education and not be used to pay for administration. Our streamlined administration system is another way we help you get the most from your lessons and classes.

Is The Music Studio open during the summer?

Yes, The Music Studio offers a flexible schedule during July and August to accommodate students’ vacation plans.

Do you provide an instrument for use at home?

No, but we are happy to recommend local musical instrument retailers where you may rent or buy an instrument. Your teacher can suggest an appropriate instrument for you based upon your needs.

How long has The Music Studio been open?

The Music Studio has offered professional music instruction in Etobicoke since 1990.