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Creative Arts Camp

This camp has been cancelled. Please see The Music Studio’s other virtual and in-person camp options for this summer.

Fun & Educational - Ages 4-7

Children 4-7 years of age explore their creativity in The Music Studio's fun and educational Creative Arts Summer Camp!

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Dates: August 10 - August 14.
Time: 9:00 am - 4:15 pm.
Cost: $399.00.

There is a maximum of 12 children in the camp to ensure a fun, educational and safe experience for your child with lots of personal attention.

Explore the activities that will put a smile on your child's face.


  • Each day is filled with songs for your child to enjoy & share.
  • Children will sing & create music.
  • They explore instruments such as shakers, xylophones & hand drums.
  • Orff music concepts are taught.

Arts & Crafts

  • Your child learns basic and fun art skills to create their very own masterpieces to bring home.
  • Arts and crafts are explored each day including: paper mache, plasticine, 3-D sculptures & More!

Story Time & Role-Play

  • An exciting story is read each day reflecting the day's theme.
  • Stories are selected to encourage innovative thinking.


  • Your child will have fun moving to music.
  • Children learn about posture, body awareness & following basic cues.

Outdoor Activities

  • Your child will develop balance and coordination through fun games and activities.


I signed up my two young, very sporty, and high energy sons in Creative Arts Camp not sure of how they would take to it. I was happy and relieved when they came home every day eager to show me their artwork and tell me about all the fun things they had done. Weeks later, I asked them what camps they wanted to go to again next summer and both of them immediately named this camp. I will definitely sign them up again.

Jenny De Abreu


  • Shelby Lynn is a vocal, piano, guitar and music therapy teacher at The Music Studio.
  • She has 25 years of experience teaching children of all ages and abilities.
  • Shelby is a Honours graduate of the Humber College music program.
  • She is a songwriter and performer.
  • Shelby enjoys helping children develop their creativity through inspiring programs.


  • There will be an experienced and enthusiastic assistant at the camp to help ensure that each child has a safe and rewarding camp experience.

A Day at Camp

  • Morning welcome & attendance.
  • Warm-up activity & song.
  • The word & theme for the day.
  • Review of safety rules.
  • Crafts
  • Snack Time.
  • Outdoor activities, play & exploration.
  • Story Time & Role-Play.
  • Music & Orff Instruments.
  • Lunch Time.
  • Outdoor activities, play & exploration.
  • Song Time.
  • Dance Time.
  • Snack Time.
  • Story Time.
  • Finish Craft.
  • Clean-up.


  • The Assembly Hall - Kipling Ave. at Lake Shore Blvd. West.
  • Modern arts centre located in a beautiful park setting.
  • A City of Toronto cultural facility.
  • Easy drop-off & pick-up.
  • Site of The Music Studio's Recital.

Important Notes

Snack: The Music Studio provides a nutritious, nut-free snack each day. Snacks include: fruit, raisins, crackers & apple juice.

Lunch: Children provide their own nut-free lunch & drink container.

2 children painting a child enjoying painting at the Creative Arts Summer Camp Creative Arts Summer Camp at The Music Studio Group of children during the creative arts summer camp playing soccer during the creative arts summer camp making props at the creative arts summer camp crafts at the creative arts summer camp playing outside during the camp enjoying nature during the creative arts summer camp

Creative Arts Camp Photos

Watch a performance by the Creative Arts Camp

a child showing off his art Bucket Drumming at the Creative Camp Playing outside during the Creative Camp Making pop art at the Creative Camp Enjoying the 0utside at the Creative Camp Pixel art at the Creative Camp Outdoor games during the Creative Camp Enjoying the outdoors during the Creative Camp Group of kids playing outside during the Creative Camp Making friends during the Creative Camp

Photos from the Creative Arts Camp.

Making flower crowns Painting self portraits Showing off the creations Proud artists from the Creative Camp Artists showing their artwordk at the Creative Camp Enjoying the outdoors during the creative camp Enjoying the outdoors with friends during the Creative Camp Playing instruments during the Creative Camp