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Connecting Through Music

In-Person and Live & interactive Online Connecting Through Music lessons available with our professional teachers.

This program offers a specialized, behaviour-based learning environment for children and adults that supports and teaches students who range in abilities by integrating the learning of music and life skills.


  • A proven curriculum that is used at institutions such as the Kohai Educational Centre.
  • Program benefits students with a range of abilities and disabilities including: ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Behavioural Problems and Language Disorders.
  • Course content is adapted to accommodate the specific needs of each student.
  • Performance opportunities to build confidence and teach the importance of setting goals.


  • Private, one-to-one Connecting Through Music lessons are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings.
  • Small classes for students of similar ages. Classes are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Note: Activities vary according to the ability range, age and needs of the students.

  • Songs - Students learn: To use and strengthen their voice; Dynamic and breath control; How to match their voice to the teacher's voice; How to sing with signing and actions; and How to express emotion through songs.
  • Rhythm and Instruments - Students develop rhythm skills through the use of percussion instruments. Topics include: Placement of instruments; Hand position; Posture for playing.
  • Class Skills - Students learn to: Participate in a group setting; Respond to instructions; Follow a routine; Imitate actions; Move to songs; Play for an audience and be part of an audience.
  • Lots of Encouragement and Smiles are a big part of every class!


Students may join the performance ensemble that is specially designed to meet the needs of students in The Music Studio's Connecting Through Music program. Students learn classic and contemporary pop songs. The ensembles are for vocal, piano, guitar, bass and drum students who have been playing for at least one year.


  • Shelby Lynn is a graduate of the Humber College music program.
  • She received extensive training in behaviour-based learning at the Kohai Centre.
  • Shelby taught music, academics and life/functional skills at the Kohai Centre for five years.
  • She has over 15 years of musical performance and teaching experience.
  • Shelby brings a client-focused, professional approach to her teaching, managing learning and behaviour difficulties in students as she teaches.


Ed and his team at The Music Studio have been amazing with my special needs daughter. She was desperate to sing, but we had spent years trying to find the right venue for her. Ed and Shelby, her teacher, have done wonders with her. She looks forward to the next recital and talks of nothing else, practices every day. It has transformed her life. At all times Ed and his staff are consistent, committed and take each and every student very seriously; recitals were organized and hosted professionally. I would recommend The Music Studio to anyone who loves music and wants to learn in a serious yet supportive, inclusive environment.

- Helen


Private lessons: 30 minutes - $37.00.


Time: Wednesday 6:30 pm.
Cost: Fall/Winter Session (October - December) $246 for 12 classes.
Winter/Spring Session (January - June) $513 for 25 classes.
Length: 30 minutes

You have 4 payment options for each session:

  • Payment in full at or before your first class.
  • Payment in two equal instalments with your 2nd payment due by the 10th class of the session.
  • Automatic monthly credit card payments
  • Monthly e-transfer payments