The Science of Music & Sound

The art of making music is arguably one of the oldest forms of creative work humanity has. It’s easy to imagine early humans clapping hands and banging rocks to a rudimentary rhythm as a friend in the neighbouring cave decorated their walls with images from the latest hunt. Because of the unique way our brains… Continue reading The Science of Music & Sound

10 Benefits of Music for Special Needs Kids

Music is a vital element of every human society. As we’ve discussed over and over, music brings us together, helps us relax, and can even bring back both happy and melancholy memories in an instant. But more than that, music is a language everyone can understand. That includes neurotypical people, those who are neurodivergent, developmentally… Continue reading 10 Benefits of Music for Special Needs Kids

Rhythm and Music: Building Rhythm Skills in New Musicians

Often, especially with new music students, much focus is put on playing the correct note when learning to play. This is, of course, important. But another aspect of music that is just as important but often neglected in these early stages is rhythm. But what is it, exactly? Rhythm is music’s most basic element –… Continue reading Rhythm and Music: Building Rhythm Skills in New Musicians

7 Familiar Chord Progressions

When you get down to it, chord progressions are like the scaffolding that holds up your songs and gives them their structure. Choosing the right chords and arranging them into progressions is one of the most important aspects of songwriting. However, creating new chord progressions is easier if you know some established, commonly used progressions.… Continue reading 7 Familiar Chord Progressions

Socializing Through Music

Over the years, we have spent much time discussing the benefits that music can bring to our lives. We’ve talked about the physical changes that go on in the brain and how learning to play in a group can help teach teamwork. Music allows us to work towards a common goal as a group, in… Continue reading Socializing Through Music

Four Unusual Musical Compositions

Last week, we talked about an interesting composition titled Organ2/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) by the late John Cage and the effort to perform the song over the course of 639 years. That unique story has inspired us, and this week, we will explore this concept of unique and unusual musical compositions. We’ll start with another John… Continue reading Four Unusual Musical Compositions