Bernadette Choy

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Bernadette Choy has 22 years of experience teaching classical piano to students ranging from 3 to 70 years old, including beginners and those pursuing the LTCL Trinity Diploma. She is very approachable to students and often receives thank-you cards and evaluations expressing the students’ appreciation for her enthusiasm, assistance, and knowledge. Under her guidance, many of Bernadette’s students actively engage in school music performances, competitions, and achieve distinctions in ABRSM piano examinations. Several of her students have successfully enrolled in music degree programs at renowned universities worldwide, including the University of Toronto and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

As a pianist, Bernadette has played music at schools, church, and various events in malls and hotels such as The One and Harbour Grand Kowloon. In addition to her role as a composer, Bernadette used to play music that she composed and arranged herself, encompassing contemporary and pop pieces. She loves to create scores of various cartoon, pop and festival songs for her students, tailored to their piano proficiency, and encourages them to write their own scores. 

Bernadette works as a multidisciplinary musician and educator, teaching music composition, theory, rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, and providing piano accompaniment for instrumentalists. Currently, she is furthering her studies at the University of Toronto, pursuing a Master of Music degree, while also working as a Teaching Assistant, providing ear training and theory tutorials to undergraduate students at UofT. Prior to relocating to Toronto, Bernadette completed her first Master of Arts (Music Composition for Film and Television) in the UK in 2007 and a Bachelor of Arts (Music) in Hong Kong in 2006, where she was awarded the Chung Chi Creative Award and obtained the Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) in Piano Performance in 2006. She studied piano under the guidance of renowned pianists Francis Mo and Cui Shiiguang. 

Bernadette enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. Her extensive teaching experience enables her to quickly identify students’ strengths and difficulties, providing effective guidance to help them achieve their best. At the same time, she has developed an approach to explain concepts in a simpler yet effective language. Guiding students to discover solutions and develop a lifelong passion for music through piano lessons brings her great pleasure. Bernadette also believes that learning music helps students develop more systematic thinking skills and fosters more pleasant and confident personalities.