Back to School Season is Coming: Time to Sign up for Music Lessons

Aug 2, 2023

The back to school season is nearly upon us! Soon stores will be full of displays for backpacks, new clothes, and all the supplies any student might ever need. It can be an exciting time for kids; especially if they’re hitting a big milestone, like moving on to middle or high school. Before long, after-school activities like clubs or sports will start as well. That means now is a great time to take a look at your schedules and figure out which activities should be prioritized.

If your children have shown interest in music, or are even starting in a band or orchestral program this coming year, you may be wondering about private music lessons. But is now the time to sign them up?

In a word: yes!

Let’s take a look at a few great reasons now is the best time to sign up for those private lessons.

Why You Should Beat the Back to School Rush

Establish Routine

With so much going on at the beginning of the school year, signing up for music lessons now can help you and your children establish a fall routine early. This can help ease the transition from the excitement and freedom of the summer months to the routine and schedules of the school year.

Back to School Spirit

The “back to school” spirit is a real thing, and it can be powerful! Signing up for music lessons now can help you capitalize on it. Kids are excited about starting something new! It’s time for a change, and starting music lessons as back to school season begins can help students start on the right foot.

Improve Performance

Many studies have shown that music lessons can actually improve performance on standardized test, especially mathematics. Music education makes for the perfect compliment to classroom learning. This is because it accesses both the creative and spatial-temporal parts of the brain. What’s more, it does it at the same time.

Build Self-Confidence

It’s well known how sports can help kids build their self-confidence. This is done through overcoming challenges and developing new skills; learning to play music offers the same confidence building challenges! When a student is finally able to successfully perform a difficult piece of music they’ve been working on, their confidence can have the exact same boost as when he scores the game winning goal.

Improve Concentration

Learning to play a musical instrument means learning to coordinate many different skills. Music students must read the notes on the sheet music, translate them into the proper hand movements and breathing techniques, interpret the mood and emotion of the piece, and sometimes even memorize it. It takes a lot of focus to coordinate all of this, leading to a boost of any student’s concentration skills.

Open the Door to Opportunity

Getting your budding musician into the proper training and learning environment can create opportunities for them that other kids may never experience. Few people start down a music journey, and even fewer regret it. On the other hand, countless people wish they had had the chance!

Are You Ready for the Back to School Season?

Music lessons can, of course, be started any time. But registering now means you’ll have a better chance of getting into that preferred lesson time. Why not take advantage of a new back to school season to give them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn a new skill they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives?

Convinced? Check out all The Music Studio’s private lessons and programs. Sign up today and beat the back to school rush!