Avoid the Summer Slide: 7 Reasons To Keep Them In Music Lessons

Jul 3, 2019

If your child is anything like most kids, they probably think that now that school’s out for the summer, they get to take a break from all the learning. And while taking a break from the structure of school can certainly be a good thing, giving their growing brains three months off can have a serious impact on their academic and musical performance when they go back to school in the fall.

But how can you counteract the 3 month long recess their brains have during the summer season?

The answer, of course, is music lessons! More than simply giving them something to do to keep them out of your hair, summer music lessons can have some pretty amazing effects on your little one’s brains during the warmest part of the year. Let’s take a look at just 7 of the reasons to get your kids into summer music lessons!

Limit Their Screen Time

Today’s world confronts us with more screen than ever before. And it’s the same for our kids. Between computers, tablets, phones, TV, and video games, screens can take up a massive percentage of your child’s summer down-time. Most music lessons don’t use any screens at all, and those that do use them only as a teaching aid, not something to focus on.

With there being so many questions today regarding how all these screens might be impacting our health, summer music lessons are a fantastic way to help limit your child’s screen time while also keeping them out of the summer heat!

Beat Back Boredom

As awesome and free as summer can be for kids, it can also bring a lot of boredom with it. Kids need a certain amount of structure in their lives, and when school ends for the summer, most of that structure ends with it. This almost always leads to all kinds of boredom, especially if their friends are away at camp or participating in other activities.

But with summer music lessons, there’s no time for boredom! Between their normal activities, lessons, practicing, and the odd performance, they’ll be too busy to be bored.

Lessons allow your child to participate in an engaging and exciting activity, along with other children who share their interests. And music lessons even help fight summer-time boredom outside the music room: they’ll want to practice most days of the week to improve their growing skills.

And Speaking of Practice…

Summer break offers a lot more time for kids to dedicate to their instrument. Time that, during the rest of the year, is dedicated to other important tasks – like homework or extracurricular activities. But over the summer their weekdays cleared up, and their evenings are more free, so they can play and practice whenever they want.
And with no school or after-school activities cluttering up their day, scheduling music lessons is a breeze. And don’t worry about the family trip, most summer music programs are flexible enough to work around your plans.

Maintain & Sharpen Skills

While in school, your child is constantly tested on their knowledge. This helps to make sure that the information they have been taught is readily available to their brains, and fully understood by all so the class can successfully move on to the next subject.

Learning music is no different. In order to keep the skills and knowledge in music they have learned over the school year, they must exercise it on a regular basis. Summer music lessons not only keep them practicing and maintain the skills they already have, it can help them sharpen them – and even learn some new ones before the school year begins.

Make New Friends

Kids make friends naturally, like there’s nothing to it. But those friendships and relationships last much longer when there is a common interest shared between them.

Music is often that amazing shared interest, and music lessons give your child the incredible opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships outside the confines of school. Meeting new friends opens the door to all kinds of new things, but it can all start with talking about the kinds of music they like to listen to and to play.

The Pressure’s Off

Summer vacation is rightfully looked at as a time of fun and care-free excitement – and summer music lessons don’t have to take anything away from that.

Summer classes can be more relaxed and flexible to help with your schedule, and make sure that your son or daughter is able to have the fun and exciting summer they expect every year. While the value and goal of each lesson stays the same as it does every other time of year, during the summer the atmosphere and structure of the lessons should be in line with the free feeling of the season. Besides, you want your child to be excited to go back every week!

Get Ready For Next School Year

Possibly the most important reason to get your child into summer music lessons is the impact they can have on the upcoming school year. The brain of a child is just like any other muscle; if they don’t use it, they lose it. Regular music lessons and practice keep their brains working all summer long. Even irregular lessons can help to keep their mind active, exercised, and elastic – all things that help lead to improvements in both music and school performance.

These are just a handful of the countless reasons to get your child into summer music classes. The list goes on and on.

Not every child enjoys sports, and some children do nothing but sports – music is a great way to introduce a new activity. Summer music lessons can help improve decision-making skills and self-esteem. And all of this is saying absolutely nothing about the students who start in lessons as children and go on to make music a career.

The number of benefits from summer music lessons is never-ending. And they’re not just for kids either! Adults can benefit from summer music lessons in many of the same way kids can! Do you struggle to meet new people and make friends? Try summer music lesson!

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