10 Stocking Stuffers for Musicians

Dec 20, 2023

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is here, Christmas is mere days away, and you suddenly realize you don’t have enough stocking stuffers for the musicians in your life!

Lucky for you, we’ve got some suggestions.

Great Stocking Stuffers for Musicians


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Every musician needs a good set of headphones; it’s an important tool whether they’re learning to play for the first time, or are turning pro. Headphones let musicians hear their audio with crystal clear quality, which is ideal for everything from practicing to recording.

Instrument Clearing Kits

Instrument cleaning kits make great stocking stuffers no matter what instrument the recipient may play. While every instrument has its own, quite specific care needs, every instrument needs to be cared for! Kits designed for every kind of instrument help musicians keep them looking and sounding their best. What’s more, they’re especially handy when musicians need to get ready for a performance or recording session.

Portable Tuner/Metronome

Simple? Yes. The perfect stocking stuffer? Also yes. Staying in tune and on the beat are critical interests for every musician. Luckily, with today’s handheld, two-in-one electronic tuner and metronome devices that’s that easy. There is a huge variety of these to choose from, ranging in price from a few dozen dollars to well over a hundred. But don’t worry, they all basically do the same thing.

Music Stand

From practicing at home to rehearsal with the band, and finally, performing on stage, music stands are a benefit. “But how does that work on a list of stocking stuffers?” you ask. “Aren’t they bulky?” Not the foldable ones! These portable music stands can fit into a stocking, and many instrument cases, and make the perfect gift for the musician on the go or with limited space.

Strings, Reeds, Oil, and Drumsticks

Most instruments require something that either runs out or breaks. String instruments need, well, strings. Bow instruments need rosin. Woodwinds need reeds, most specific to the instrument, and cork grease. Brass instruments need valve oil.

And when it comes to drummers, they need sticks. To a non-drummer, drumsticks may not seem all that important, but they certainly are. Not only do sticks break or get lost, but well-made sticks can have an impact on the sound and feel of a musician’s playing.

All of these are things the instruments require to be played and properly maintained, and every musician needs them.

Personalized Case or Bag

Every instrument, no matter its place in the band or orchestra, needs some sort of case or bag to protect it while it’s not being played. Instruments need to be protected from bumps and drops, as well as the highs and lows of certain locations’ seasonal weather. This is a surefire winner of a gift, no matter the instrument; and the addition of some sort of personalized element, like a monogram or custom liner color, elevates it even further.

Guitar Pedals

Designed for electric guitars and bass guitars, pedals give players a wealth of exciting sounds to play with. These may include, but are not limited to delays, distortions, loops, chorus, and EQ effects. You can even find tuning pedal options, which are especially great for touring guitarists. Pedals make great gifts for musicians at any stage of their development, with basic effects for beginners, and a wide range of more advanced options for those who have been playing for a while.

Drum Practice Pad

If you’ve ever spent any time with a drummer, you know that any hard, flat surface becomes an opportunity for performance. So, before they completely destroy every countertop in your home, consider a practice pad. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, with silicone among the most popular. This is thanks to its responsive rebound effect that mimics an actual drumhead and helps with refining their play, all without the wear and tear other surfaces must go through.

A Ukulele

A ukulele is a great gift idea for an aspiring guitarist, and honestly, any musician. They’re simple to learn, affordable, easily portable, and create a uniquely lovely sound. With a massive range of manufacturers, it’s easy to find the right ukulele to offer your musician a wonderful new musical experience.

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer: Gift Cards & Music Lessons

Perhaps the very best stocking stuffer for musicians is the humble gift card. Depending on the instrument they play, musicians can be rather picky when it comes to their gear. If you’re unsure of their favourite brand of strings or oil, save yourself the hassle. Are they just starting out on their musical journey? Why not give the gift of music lessons? Whether you send cash, a gift card, find a gift certificate for lessons, or pay for lessons directly, your musician will appreciate that they can save money, while also getting the music they love.

Looking for those lessons? Check out all The Music Studio’s programs and classes and contact us today about signing up or gift certificates!