10 More Iconic Drum Tracks!

Mar 18, 2020

Over the last little while, we’ve been exploring some of the musical world’s most iconic parts for the guitarpiano, and bass. We kept that ball rolling over the last 2 weeks with 8 of our favourite drum songs and 8 More Iconic Drum Songs. We’re going to keep this going with a few more of our favourite iconic drums tracks!

It’s bee shown that playing the drums regularly has a lot of health benefits. And hey, it’s a lot of fun too! Every great rock band needs a great drummer. They’re the ones who drive the beat and get our hearts pumping!

So, let’s not waste any time, and dive back into our favourite drums songs!

Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf drummer, Jerry Edmonton, certainly left his mark on this song. The beat to “Born to be Wild” has become intrinsically associated with rockers (and really anyone) who long to live free.

This tune is iconic from top to bottom, appearing in 1966’s Easy Rider, starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Yet it’s still Edmonton’s drumming solo that gives this song its exhilarating beat.

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Musically, “Teenage Dream” is a fairly simple song, but it’s easily one of the most popular pop songs we’ve covered in recent weeks.

Part of this tune’s popularity is undoubtedly the simple yet catchy drumbeat. The beat is both easy to understand and learn, making it among the most popular drum songs for amateurs. It’s light and catchy, and once you’ve learned it, it can make you feel like a real rock star as you jam along!

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

As one of Michael Jackson’s most iconic tunes, “Billie Jean” features an equally iconic drum line. Played by award winning drummer, Lean “Ndugu” Chancler, the song’s beat – sometimes called the “Money Beat” – was the beat behind many hit songs throughout the years. What’s more, it’s one of the easiest grooves for beginners to learn, and a fun song to work out.

Because this beat works as the basis for many other hit songs’ beats, the time and effort you spend learning this will be well worth it in the future!

Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana

The original grunge band features one of my personal favourites on the drums: Dave Grohl. And Grohl’s performance on “Heart Shaped Box” is not only one of his best, it’s remarkably simple to learn and play. This is a perfect song to learn for those small yet important technical skills.

These technical details include “tricks” like rim clicks and hitting the cymbals in sync with the guitar. Keep your attention focused on the heavy choruses in the track.

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC

As a young drummer looking for someone to emulate, AC/DC’s drummer, Phil Rudd, is as great an example as you can find. In fact, his performances are often studied by even the most advanced drummers in the community. His simple yet trendy grooves helped AC/DC make it big, and stay there for decades!

This song in particular shows off Rudd’s skill, as it can actually be quite tricky – but it becomes easier as you learn the basic techniques. Work your way up to this one.

Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

This one is a little more advance than the others we’ve touch on so far in this list. But that said, if you’ve got your heart set on playing this one, you can make it a lot easier for yourself if you disregard the 16th action that is going on in the verses and chorus. Instead, try making it into any hi-hat groove in quartet notes and hit the snare drum like it was the last thing you ever do!

This song is not easy, learning it will teach you tricks and tactics for performing you can use on other songs.

The End – The Beatles

Ringo is already known as one of the most influential drummers of all time. And his playing on “The End” shows why. It’s long, unorthodox, and features his unique and original drumming style.

The groove drives the song – until it abruptly ends, leaving a lasting impression on any listener’s ears!

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

If you’re going to be a “One Hit Wonder,” it’s best to make that one hit a real corker – like this tune!

The Spin Doctor’s drummer, Aaron Comess, has incredible precision and the Gadd-esque snare drum into he uses is nothing short of beautiful, adding in subtle ghost notes and a thumping kickdrum pattern. He keeps it fairly simple throughout the song, but the drum kit never takes a backseat to the rest of the band.

Why did they end up a one-hit-wonder again?

My Sharona – The Knack

Few songs are as instantly recognizable as “My Sharona.” And that’s mostly due to drummer Bruce Gary’s tight groove between the toms/kick and the snare. This beat gives “My Sharona” it’s driving and unforgettable pulse.

It’s an unforgivable sin that Run DMC left the drums out when they sampled the riff for 1986’s “It’s Tricky.”

My Hero – Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl)

Although this song is from the Foo Fighters, it comes from a time when the entire band was made up of one man – Dave Grohl.

“My Hero” is a powerful, tom-heavy track, and is easily one of Grohl’s career highlights, both as a songwriter and a drummer – and that’s saying something! The driving backbeats and the toms were recorded separately and panned slightly off centre to give each their own weight and distinction. On one track, Grohl played using the bass, hi-hat, snare, and crash cymbals. On the other, he played the bass again, but also adds the rack and floor toms as well as the snare.

What a result!

With so many incredible drummers throughout history, and so many iconic drumbeats to choose from, there’s no way this could ever be considered a complete list. Did we miss your favourite drum song? Tell us about it in the comment!

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