Music Lessons You'll Love


The Music Studio offers Music Lessons You’ll Love for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. Discover your passion for music at The Music Studio! Choose from our in-person lessons taught in a safe and professional learning environment and our live and interactive online lessons. Whether you prefer in-person or online lessons, you receive the same proven lesson material taught by the same professional teachers.

For Children

Your child’s musical abilities and creativity will flourish in their lessons at The Music Studio as they develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

For Adults

Are you are a beginner with a dream to learn to sing or play an instrument, or perhaps you want to pick up where you left off with music lessons years ago and develop new skills.



Sing your favourite music at The Music Studio! Our vocal lessons are personalized just or you – so choose your favourite genre and start singing!


Piano lessons aren’t just for kids! Our lessons are available for all ages, levels, and interests – choose from classical, popular, jazz, or blues.

Guitar & Bass

Learn all the necessary skills while playing your favourite music with our private guitar and bass lessons. Our program features lessons for electric and acoustic guitar, and electric bass.

Drums & Hand Drums

Drums are the backbone of any band! Our drum lessons cover skills and technique for rock, jazz, Latin, and more. If a drum kit isn’t your thing, give our hand drum lessons a try!

Saxophone, Flute, & Clarinet

Playing a woodwind instrument is an entire body and mind experience! From breath to body control, our saxophone, flute, & clarinet lessons are designed for you!

Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, & French Horn

Our innovative lessons for the brass section concentrate on learning and refining technique through a wide variety of musical styles. And as always, lessons are available for beginning & advanced students.

Violin, Viola, & Cello

With lessons focusing on classical, folk, East Coast, and Irish fiddle, there’s sure to be something to get you excited about our string lessons.


The Music Studio’s songwriting program is available for students as young as 7 years of age and encourages all students to explore their creativity in a private format.

Theory, Harmony, & History

Whether you’re preparing for an exam, or you just want a deeper understanding of music theory, don’t pass up our Theory, Harmony & History lessons!

Connecting Through Music

Our private, one-to-one Connecting Through Music program offers a specialized, behaviour-based learning environment for children and adults that supports and teaches students who range in abilities by integrating the learning of music and life skills.

Seniors Connecting Through Music

There is much evidence demonstrating a direct connection between music and health! The Music Studio’s Seniors Connecting Through Music Program is designed to allow older individuals to experience the mental and physical benefits offered by music!


Music isn’t only meant to be made or enjoyed alone! Experience the joy of making music with other students in one of The Music Studio’s exciting ensembles or bands!


Kidzrock is a band program for kids 4-7 years of age that introduces them to music by playing drums, electric guitar, and keyboards in a real-life rock band!

Children's Classes

The Music Studio offers a wide range of classes for children 2 – 5 years of age. Each of our small, age-appropriate classes is designed to ensure that your child gets all the personal attention they deserve.


“The Music Studio’s teachers, lessons and various programs are fantastic! They keep all of our children – 3 kids ranging from elementary to high school – engaged in Music education. They all enjoy and look forward to their lessons.”

Rosemary - Parent

“This is an excellent music school, which we have been attending for several years. The quality of instructors is very high and for children, it is an ideal school to start learning music.”

Anu - Parent

“I like everything about The Music Studio. I highly recommend The Music Studio to anyone looking for private music lessons or wish to participate in group sessions.”

Petra - Adult Student

Kidzrock Classes


Kidzrock is a band program that teaches children as young as 4 years of age to play keyboard, guitar and drums in a real-life rock band! Your child will love learning and performing Kidzrock songs, and being a rock star!

Summer Camps

The Music Studio has many fun and educational summer camps for ages 4-16 years! Camps include: Kidzrock, Musical Beginnings, Musical Theatre, Singing & Songwriting and Rock Band. View our Summer Camp Guide for details about all of our virtual and in-person camps. You can also visit each camp’s information page from the Camps heading. Space is limited so register early.


Experience the joy of making music with other students in one of The Music Studio’s exciting ensembles. Joining an ensemble is a great way to further develop your musical skills and confidence in a relaxed learning environment while making new friends.


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