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Vocal Camp: Find Your Voice

vocal camp

Ages: 8-15
Dates: August 8 - August 11
Time: Half-Day: $155, Full-Day: $235
Size: Maximum of 15 students
Teacher: Lyndsay Promane
Location: The Music Studio
Cost: Half-Day: $195, Full-Day: $295

No previous vocal training required. Students should have elementary proficiency in reading music (can read basic rhythms and name notes). Elementary dance experience welcomed but not necessary


Students will work towards a live performance on the last day of the session. They will present the repertoire they have prepared throughout the week for an invited audience. Repertoire will be chosen based on enrolment. Students will have the opportunity to learn pieces from the classical, jazz, pop and musical theatre idioms.

Building constructive habits for strong vocal technique will be the primary goal of the camp. This includes introducing breath support, healthy alignment in the body, clarity of text and accuracy of pitch and rhythm. These habits will act as a basis for their development to ultimately enhance each students’ passion for music and the performing arts.

The program fee for full-day students includes a private session with the instructor in the morning. Private instruction will be customized for each student based on ability, age, and assigned repertoire. Afternoons will be committed to preparing the music as an ensemble.

Every afternoon before ensemble rehearsal, students will be lead through a full body and vocal warm up. This will be a tool that they can carry with them throughout their vocal development to ensure the instrument (voice) has been adequately prepared before rehearsal. There will also be a vocal cool-down to end each rehearsal.

We will learn and aim to memorize their repertoire in the afternoons as an ensemble. Building upon the techniques learned during private sessions in the morning, students will be guided through exploring harmonizing and carrying melodies. As well, dance and movement will be incorporated to give the students a triple-threat performance experience.

There will be a one-hour break in the afternoon for lunch and games. Students will have the option to take individual study time (quiet reading or song writing), play group games (rhythm matching, “Musical Detective”), take turns practicing piano or reviewing techniques of auxiliary instruments required for performance (drums, tambourines, etc.). Short breaks (10 to 15 minutes) will be given for snack time and vocal rest.

vocal camp

A Day at Camp:

  • 10-12PM Private sessions with Lyndsay
  • 12-1PM Lunch and games (Students bring their own lunch. No nuts please.)
  • 1-1:10PM Full warm-up
  • 1:10-1:50PM Rehearsal
  • 1:50-2PM Break
  • 2-3PM Rehearsal
  • 3-3:15PM Break
  • 3:15-3:45PM Group game/review music or choreography/Q&A/ tying “loose ends” for day
  • 3:45-4PM Full cool-down
  • 4PM Students released

Contact Info

The Music Studio

6 Burnhamthorpe Road
Toronto, Ontario M9A 5C9

Phone: 416.234.9268
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